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Class 4NM

Welcome to 4NM's class page!


Our class theme is ...Superheroes

Every child in 4NM is a superhero, we are yet to uncover our powers!

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 Sid the SuperTed is our mascot
Which medal winner will take Sid home with them next weekend?

Our topic this term is:

Animal Kingdom

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Key questions:


What does it mean if we classify animals?

In which different ways can we classify animals?

Why do certain animals live in specific habitats?

Here is an overview of the other subjects we will cover this term:

Science: Classification of living things.

Geography: Locational knowledge and skills
Computing: E-safety Keeping ourselves safe online.
Art and Design/DT: Portraits and sketching
PSHE: Investors in Pupils
MFL: Countries, points of a compass, Location of towns.
RE: What do different people believe about God.
PE: Fitness and Tag rugby



4NM's class book is ....


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Year 4 are currently reading KrindleKrax in English 

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Our Investors in Pupils class target is:


To keep our class budget at £50.00- by looking after property and keeping the classroom tidy.

Our Year 4 Governor is 

Angeline Thorne





Reading diaries - collected in on Monday
Maths homework - out Monday, back Thursday
English/Spelling homework - out Monday, collected in/tested on Friday  
Times tables - tested weekly so please learn ALL your multiplication and division facts up to 12x12!
PE Thursday so please make sure you always have your kit in school!


get 3 signatures in your reading diary each week
hand in your Maths homework
hand in your English homework

In Year 4, we have impeccable behaviour and vivacious learning so that we can flourish. :)