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Class 4NM

Welcome to 4NM's class page!



Our class mascot is:


Image result for spaceman cartoon


 Sid the Spacecadette
Who will take Sid home with them next weekend?

Our topic this term is:

Where in the World..... surprise
Image result for cartoon travelling the world

Key questions:

What are the names of the capital cities of the countries of the UK?

Where is the position of the Northern & Southern Hemisphere? 

What countries can we locate?

How do we describe different features of different regions?

What is a region?

Here is an overview of the other subjects we will cover this term:

Geography: identifying and locating capital cities of the world and using map work/points of a compass
Computing: Keeping ourselves safe online.
Art and Design/DT: Explore and use copying and shading techniques
PSHE: Investors in Pupils/recognise the jobs carried out by people in our school.
RE: find out what Hindus and Christians believe about God
Music: listening and evaluating
PE: Gymnastics and Tag Rugby
French: listen to and understand short phrases.

Our class book (as chosen by the children) is...

Image result for matilda book

Our Investors in Pupils class target is:

nobody to get their name on the sad side.

Our Year 4 Governor is Mr Green




Reading diaries - collected in on Monday
Maths homework - out Monday, back Thursday
English/Spelling homework - out Monday, collected in/tested on Friday  
Times tables - tested weekly so please learn ALL your multiplication and division facts up to 12x12!
PE Thursday so please make sure you always have your kit in school!


get 3 signatures in your reading diary each week
hand in your Maths homework
hand in your English homework

In Year 4, we have impeccable behaviour and vivacious learning so that we can flourish.