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PE and Sport Premium Funding – Financial Years 2017/2018

Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.


How Shelton plans to use the Sport Premium funding

A new curriculum, with built in assessment.

Prior to 2016 and at the end of the 2016-17 teaching year, Shelton considered a, prescribed curriculum to aid and support the delivery of PE at Shelton. Teacher confidence in PE at Shelton is constantly improving. However, it is the coordinator’s key aim to ensure consistency across school and teachers. A new curriculum is currently being researched and tested to achieve consistency- with built in assessment to enable teachers to assess against ARE (age related expectation).

Sports taster day (Soccerstars) - money from sponsored bleep test and subsidised by budget.

A sports day for all will be held at Shelton, using the money raised from the bleep test and subsidised by the Sport premium budget. Part of the money raised subsidised the climbing wall for year 6 at the end of the summer and the remaining will go towards a sports taster day- where each class will have some activity time with qualified, high quality coaches.

Sports club coaches (S.Morse, A. Gordon and Soccerstars).

A large proportion of the Sports Premium will be spent on subsidising coaches to deliver high quality sessions for after school clubs. A Gordon to hold full year of 1 hour, after school dance, club  sessions.

Additionally, S.Morse to hold and support 1 year of lessons- 1 term of gymnastics lessons to year 5 and 2 terms of athletics to years 3 and 6 (double afternoon sessions). S.Morse to provide CPD to teachers and team teach the BAGA (British Gymnastics) Award alongside staff at Shelton. She will also provide 30 weeks of -1 hour- after school clubs delivering high quality, differentiated athletic sessions.

Soccerstars will deliver 2 terms of 1 hour after-school football sessions, starting in January. Depending on demand of participants, Sports Premium will subsidise 1 or 2 coaches to enourage maximum participation.

Compulsory PE trip for each year group

After the success of Conkers on team building and alternative sporting activity with year 5 last year, Shelton will use a proportion of the Sport Premium to organise one compulsory, sports trip for each year group in the summer term to provide all children with some access to alternate physical education opportunities. The trip activities will be paid for out of the Sport Premium budget and children will only have to cover a small amount for transport.

Year 3- Lea Green?

Year 4- Whitehaven?

Year 5- Conkers

Year 6- Snowdome


Not definite, TBC nearer the time.


DCSP (Derby City Sports Partnership) Affiliation

£1500 will be spent on the DCSP affiliation, which provides Shelton with opportunities to enter and compete in inter school competitions- ranging from cross country to gymnastics. The affiliation will also provide key opportunities for CPD and staff development for teachers. Through the DCSP Shelton is aiming to enter at least 15 different sporting competitions.


Transport to inter school sport competitions/ (DCSP) events.

Transport to all sporting events will be covered by the Sport Premium. This may be in the form of coaches, minibus, or taxis.

Money  for supply/ time

A small proportion of the budget will be used to cover any supply costs needed, to book supply for time out of class for organising sport events and cover absence of staff due to supporting children at sporting events.

New equipment to support delivery of lessons and clubs.

At the end of every year a kit and equipment audit is taken to ensure we have the correct amount of resources for the next academic year. With a new, wider range of clubs and larger class sizes, more equipment is needed (and for whole school events) to ensure that all children have access to enough equipment and quality equipment in lessons.

Kit for new starters and staff.  

A small amount of the budget will be set aside for new kit for starters. To  ensure all staff are in the same kit and are role models for all children to support the PE kit expectations we have for children.


Prizes for all competitions held throughout year.

Approximately £350 will be spent on rewards for all of the sporting events throughout the year, as it is important to recognise sporting achievements.


Partly Subsidise t-shirt costs for clubs (clubs should provide most money for this)

Sport premium will subsidise tshirts and badges for the 100% attendance for sports clubs. Most club costs currently partly cover the coaches (SM, PV and AG) and some partly cover the costs of the t-shirts at the end of the club. The rest of the money to make up for t-shirts (which is approximately £300 per term, however there are 10 clubs operating this term not 6) is covered by the budget. This is done to incentivise 100% attendance in all clubs.

PP events

As discussed with Pupil Premium lead, a Spring and Summer pupil premium event will be partially covered by the sport premium budget to provide wider sporting opportunity for disadvantaged children within school. The events will be linked and provide children with alternate sporting opportunities over and above what is provided within school.

G&T event

As recognition of sporting excellence in Shelton, a G&T trip will also be paid for out the sport premium budget. This will potentially be in the form of an Olympic athlete to come into school and hold a talk and sports session with the children and also in the form of an alternate activity for children to attend (Clip and Climb).

Mini leader training costs (DCSP)

Children who would like to be elected and become mini leaders (y5 and 6 delivering sport sessions on the playground at lunchtimes) will be trained in holding mini sport sessions by a coach from the DCSP. This is due to start in the Spring term.

Subsidise clubs for pupil premium children.

To increase club participation of pupil premium children in after school clubs Shelton again will subsidise PP children club costs making them free. This has been successful  in previous years in increasing numbers.







Staff Training and Development

The hiring of external providers and specialist sports coaches to develop and enhance teachers and support staffs confidence in delivering sporting activities.




A new curriculum with built in assessment to increase teacher confidence in the delivery and (age related) assessment of children’s physical ability



Compulsory PE trip for each year group with the aim of providing alternative physical activity.


G&T trip to praise and celebrate gifted and talented children in pe.


Pupil Premium

2x Pupil premium events subsidised (Spring and Summer for 100+ pupil premium children)


Extra-Curricular Sports Activities

The hiring of (and subsidising costs of) external providers for extra-curricular sports activities after school.


Subsidising costs of 100% attendance t-shirt reward in recognition of excellent attendance and participation



In school sports competitions/ events















The purchase of new and maintenance of existing PE equipment to support the delivery of lessons and afterschool clubs.



Rewards and prizes for competitions



PE kit for staff and new starters


Transport Costs

Costs associated with transport and staff cover to support interschool competitions


Attendance at external sports training courses.

The cost of Supply teachers to release staff to take part in interschool competitions.



Specialist PE support

DCSP Partnership affiliation costs


Total Forecast Spend for Financial Year 2017/2018:  £