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Shelton Junior After School Clubs

Shelton are pleased yet again to be providing a wide range of After School Clubs for children to participate in. We had such a wonderful turn out last year and hope to have the same again this year; so thank you both parents and children for your support.

Below you will find a brief summary of when the clubs take place and who will be holding them. Keep looking out for pictures and club updates.

Don't forget 100% attendance at clubs means Shelton Sport T-shirt or badge (depending on the club). Let's hope 100% of children get 100% attendance.

Important message for parents.

Shelton love holding extra curricular activities for children to participate in, in school. We follow the same behaviour policy in clubs as we do in school as we need to ensure all children are safe, well behaved and following the Golden Rules.

Children need to have appropriate kit for the clubs and NEED to remove earrings.

Children will be registered and waited with until a parent comes to collect them, unless they have been given permission to walk home.

Any changes to children's travel arrangements please let Mrs Drury know ASAP.