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Year 6

To see an overview of Y6's complete curriculum coverage, please have a look at our 'Curriculum Overview' page. Thank you.  
Picture 1 CONFLICT!
Picture 2 CHOCOLATE!

Conflict - Context Planner

The Conflict Context not only covers WWI and WWII, but also focuses on current conflicts happening around the world. Through this Context, Y6 will also be discussing what 'conflict' means and how it can impact their daily lives, e.g. frienships, etc.

Chocolate - Context Planner

Following their fantastic trip to Cadbury World, Year 6 children will be continuing to learn all about chocolate. Here you will find a brief overview of ideas for Curriculum coverage within this Context.

Mexico and the Mayans! - Context Planner

Our first Context (topic) in Year 6 is 'Mexico and the Mayans!' Here you will find our brief overview of the ideas for coverage within this Context. We know that the children are going to love it!